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Once I began my meditating I had a really difficult time. There was so many things distracting me, from the tv outside, the music in the other room, clanking dishes in the kitchen. I couldn’t find a quite place until later in the night when everyone was finally setting in to go to bed. I just closed my eyes and imagined an ocean. An ocean of all my thoughts and the things stuck in my mind being pulled away into the surf from the beach. Creating a simple calm splashing sound that helped me relax and feel nothing and think nothing. Complete calmness and nothing.


Lecture Response

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In the beginning of Lyons lecture he compared the “Modern” Christians to the “Past” Christians. How the Christians in the past were more respectable and less critical towards the non-believers around them. Yet the modern Christians are less respected now because they have become the critique and show this through the people they shun from their religion, being Anti-homosexual, judgemental, and very hypocritical. Through hearing this lecture and taking some things from class readings and such, there are a large majority of name-say or nominal Christians in that group also. After Lyon makes this statement he talks about how we need to recognize what’s going on in Christianity and how interactions can be made. How different people trying to convert people of the non-belief or of other religions through the story. Christians don’t give people the whole story, they mainly tell them that they need to believe that Jesus died for you sins and that he did it for you. But people need to know more than that, they need to know the beginning and the end. They can’t live by only knowing what’s in the middle, it would be like taking a book and taking out the first hundred pages and the last hundred pages. How if we as Christians were to be able to convert someone by just telling them about Jesus Christ and tell them more, hoping that they would pursue him and possibly want to gain more knowledge of the whole story. Many Christians struggle with believing, because they might not know whether they believe it or not. Many religions are made up of several stories and such, what would make a person want to put there life to believe in a story where truths cannot be proven? In Christianity there are several truths that have been revealed throughout several centuries. Many stories from the book that God had written, the places talked about in it all real and can be seen whenever. It’s not fully in the truth in the full story but the faith that the truth is there.

Response to “Father Of Lights”

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1. What was challenging or could be challenging to you about this film?

One thing that was a challenge for me was the miracles that were being performed. The prayers used for them were short and simple yet there was so much power from them that saved so many people from suffering.

2. What did this movie reveal to you about the character of God?  

   The guy with the dreads said how much he loved the people he encountered and how much God loved them through whatever situation they were going through and he shared God’s love with them by praying over them. God’s a loving God.

3. Did the movie address any “misconceptions” you have/had about God?    

The certain ways different people evangelize in different areas and that evangelizing isn’t just telling the people the wrongs that they have committed, it’s letting them know  how much God loves them for who they are.

4. How would you describe the Evangelism Strategy or Heart of Evangelism in the film?    

They would confront people the people and tell them that they loved them and how much God loved them and would pray over them.

5. What story struck you the most and why?    

The story when Ravi took the crew to the Witch doctors house, after hearing about all the terrible things that have happened there. Also the story where they healed the guys leg and he ends up being able to bring them into God’s dwelling place.

6. What would you like to do differently after seeing this film?    

Think differently about evangelism and Christianity as a whole.

New Paganism

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Describe God: Man; people are there own maker basically saying, “I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.”

How did the faith come to be?: Believing that there is infinite value in a human person and so through believing this a heaven should be built on earth for all these divine people.

What are core components of this faith?: Relativistic. Subjectivistic. Pragmatic. Humanism. Polytheism. Pantheism.

Who is Jesus?: No important being.

What is something this faith has in common with Christianity? Heaven and earth.

What are a few differences between this faith and Christianity? Denial of transcendence in New Paganism. New Paganism no sense of sin. New Paganism no morals.


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A: Buddhism does not believe in a Creator God; It does, however, have numerous non-creator deities. 

How did the faith come to be:

A: It came from India,  from Gautama Buddha

What are core components to be:

A:  Form, perception, conception, volition, and consciousness, Desire leads to suffering.

Who is Jesus:

A: they acknowledge Jesus was a good man 


What is something this faith has in common with Christianity:

A: The faith was birthed from virgin women, women are equal. They both have vigorous missionaries.

What are a few differences between this faith and Christianity:

A: Reincarnation  vs heaven.  They do not believe in Jesus’ second coming. Buddha knows he is a man. They don’t have official prophets. Buddhism is well known in Asia. While Christianity is worldwide known.  Christianity views people following other religions as paganism while Buddhism views as a non contradiction. More differences than similarities.


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Happiness described by Aristotle in what me and Frankie talked about, is that people want to do to make themselves happy but doing things that benefit to others. In today’s society, people do whatever they want to be happy or whatever thought mind set comes up that provides them with happiness, which could cause good things or bad things depending on what pleases them. For an example, someone might steal something because they want it, because it pleases them. The main reason that they stole was because they wanted it, but they don’t realize that they stole to be happy, breaking the law. I believe people should live in a virtuous manner and shouldn’t have to do wrong to please themselves, to be cautious of how to be happy. That being said, people need to have some moral while being virtuous, people want to be happy but they need to do it in a reasonable way; not in a way that in order to be happy causes problems around you. People are always either happy or unhappy and they’ll do anything to find someway to gain a feel of pleasure. People trying to gain happiness by taking someone else’s happiness would be just wrong. People should really just try to figure out what makes them most happy in life in a positive way.

Art Prize Post

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A selection of objects that meet a list of certain circumstances made by someone.

The Chinese Lantern lighting is a piece in Art Prize and it was spectacular. All kinds of people from Michigan came to see Art Prize and then the main event this past Friday was the lantern lighting. This was by far my favorite exhibit in Art Prize ever. My least favorite Art Prize piece was all the white animals stuck in the hills around the G.R.Ford Museum area, I didn’t really get the full purpose of this piece. Now when coming to the the topic of morality and how in short its definition is about somethings moral characteristics and quality. This piece was built so that natural weather could not bring down this piece in any sort of way. It was sprayed with a glue substance to keep it weather resistant. If that had not have happened this piece would have crumbled instantly and all the work put into it would be of waste. What I’m trying to say is that this piece was made to defy the properties of wind and water which would bring this piece to the many particles of sand it was made from.  I guess this piece somewhat affected me because it was the one that I could easily see moral values in its structure.